by Gracey Griffin February 19, 2021 1 min read

In 2017, B+LNZ put out a call for potential farms to be turned into the very first NZ future farm. The future farm program is leading by example to demonstrate

“How new technologies, practices and systems are applied that positively impact on the environment and performance.”


Fast forward 3 years and Lanercost has been established; having started from base zero, the program began with 2000 randomly selected ewes, and a goal to bring stock numbers up.

The goals for the program are divided into six categories:

  • Stock
  • People
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Land
  • Innovation

In order to achieve these goals, Lanercost is redesigning their farm practices to streamline their work flow and get the most productivity out of their day. Part of this process included Lanercost contacting us to install 4 tank sensors across their Future Farm.


Waterwatch’s involvement works with two of Lanercost’s goals, innovation and environment. The T35 is a remote sensor that records the tank water level, collecting data to be sent back to the Lanercost’s farm account on the Waterwatch Live app.

Having the Waterwatch sensors installed on tanks means water levels can be tracked from any convenient location, giving employees more time to focus on stock.

With 7 separate tank locations across the farm, manually checking the water level puts a time strain on one of the two employees, as it takes an employee away from other work.

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