by Gracey Griffin December 16, 2020 1 min read

Waterwatch has been working alongside New Zealand Marine Studies Centre in Portobello, Dunedin. The Marine Studies Centre provides a window into marine research at the University of Otago. The centre showcases local marine life and offers education programmes alongside the University’s Marine Science Department. 

Waterwatch has installed an LS1 device at the Portobello Marine Laboratory to provide important information regarding sea levels, assisting the centre with research. This sensor indicates current tide levels and beams their website for everyone to access data over the past 7 days and note any outstanding fluctuations.

waterwatch live portobello tides 

With the provision of the sensor and the online connectivity, Waterwatch ensures the Marine Studies Centre has the resources they need for water level monitoring systems. This includes the secure cloud APIs to display tidal data on their website. Being a lot more cost effective than traditional monitoring equipment, the LS1 can be used in  a large variety of situations and can be configured to meet the users needs.

We are enjoying getting involved in the Marine Studies research and look forward to seeing what environmental and ecological research comes of the LS1 sensor and its many applications in different environments.

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